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luke hemmings is a stupid 18 year old man child who is 8094 feet tall with perfect hair and loves smatties and micheal clifford 

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My period has no mercy
It’s like
“Oh your skin just cleared up from last month, that’s not fair! Let’s give you some more.”
“You’re feeling good today? I think it’s a good time to make you bloat!”
“Oh I know it’s a week early but your wearing really cute jeans so let me ruin them.”
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but your pad is full. Might as well get some Niagara Falls up in this bitch.”
“Are comfortable? I think some cramps and back pain will make it better!”
“Well my times up! See at next month!”

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*aggressively thinks about hockey season starting*

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I am sorry

i hate these fucking post sO MUCH GO AWAY

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Trying to write a personal essay when you’ve done absolutely nothing exciting is extremely hard….

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Anonymous: "Chocolate brown! Just don't forget to dye your eyebrows too that's the most important part :)"

Thank you! And thank you for the tip! My eyebrows are kinda lightish!

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God is real

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can attractive people get away from my band member. he’s mine and I don’t appreciate you looking better than me

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When ya homie hit you wit the “Draw 4” in Uno


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Hockey, everybody

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Hockey, everybody || i. ii.

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If you think I would spend $33 on a stupid tank like this


You would be so right.

Oh god.

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